Fiat 6C/1500 #010482
12 November 1936
The car is sold new to Mr. Luigi (Gigi) Villoresi on date 12th November 1936 and it was registered in his name with
license plate MI 54736.
In the same year, Villoresi and other milenese enthusiasts, including Count Johnny Lurani and Franco Cortese, founded
the Scuderia Ambrosiana.
Luigi Villoresi was one of the world’s best drivers in the late 1940s and drove for Maserati, and in the Scuderia Ferrari
team in 1949.
Villoresi used the Fiat 6C 1500 as personal car till 1939.
Year 1937
Rally of Monte Carlo 26-31 January 1937
The first official race for the FIAT 6C1500 is the XVI° Rally of Monte Carlo and the crew is Luigi Villoresi and his brother
Emilio (Mimì) who will die in Monza in 1939.
Starting from Palermo and after a race of over 4,000 km, they arrived in the Principaute, 13 ° OA and I° of Category.
Mille Miglia 4 April 1937
On April 4th, the FIAT 6C 1500 of the Scuderia Ambrosiana participated to the XI° Mille Miglia with the crew Filippo
Tassara - Osvaldo Braga with number 69. The car is equipped with a large Weber carburettor. The Mille Miglia of 1937 is
remembered as one of the most terrible for the cold and the rain that were present throughout the road. The crew is
ranked 38th overall.
Year 1938
1 Volante D’Argento at Monza 26 March 1938
On March 26th 1938, another race for the 6C1500, the prestigious Volante d'Argento. Driver is Gigi Villoresi who after
288 km wins the special category FIAT 1500.
Year 1939
In 1939, the car was sold to Vercelli not before being used by Luigi Villoresi for his personal trips since 1936.
The car after two more transfer of ownership, went to Sardinia in 1953 and is used for rent with driver until 1962, when it
was parked in the garage and forgotten.
The car is in maximum storage conditions. Sardinia's dry climate has kept its bodywork and prevented rust from
attacking the bodywork.
In the garage, the car was found 2017 in original conditions like it was last used in the rally’s.
Even inside everything is as it originally, and even the leather seats are in good condition even if a mouse have made
some holes in the underneath.
In recent years, owners have started to recover the car by disassembling the engine that still has its old Weber
Each part has been dismantled and catalogued and from what I have seen is absolutely complete.
A few times I happened to see a pre-war car in this preserved condition.
In the first inspection in Sardinia the chassis number is checked, which is # 010482, and corresponds to the car of the
above historical description.
The engine is its correct type and should be the racing version, used in the Mille Miglia 1937, with the Weber garburator.
I remember you that this FIAT 6C 1500 was used by Luigi Villoresi and Scuderia Ambrosiana for their personal trips, as
Villoresi himself mentions in his memoirs.
The car has undertaken a complete restauration by Franco Belluci in Italy.
Body and engine are done with original parts. The car is remarkable original as it was in 1936.
Painted on the smoke black body and grill the numbers: 69 as starting number at the Mille Miglia 1937.
The car has Estratto Cronologico and old plates.
In the car was found the original blue racing overall of the Scuderia Ambrosia team with