Fiat 6C1500 Ex Mille Miglia 1936 and Monte Carlo Rally

General Information

Brand: Fiat
Type: 6C 1500
Mileage: -
Price: On request
Mille Miglia Eligible: Yes


The Fiat 1500 was a six-cylinder car produced by Fiat from 1935 to 1950. The streamlined styling had an aerodynamic efficiency that was never achieved before in a touring car. It was introduced at the Salone dell'automobile di Milano (Milan Motor Show) in 1935. For the first time on a Fiat, there were independent Dubonnet suspensions at the front.

Car description

This Fiat 6C 1500 was sold new to Mr. Luigi Villoresi on 12th November 1936 and was registered in his name with license plate MI 54736.

The first official race for the Fiat 6C 1500 is the XVI° Rally of Monte Carlo and the crew is Luigi Villoresi and his brother Emilio. Starting from Palermo and after a race of over 4,000 km, they arrived in the Principaute, 13 ° OA and I° of Category. On April 4th 1937, the Fiat 6C 1500 participated to the XI° Mille Miglia with the crew Filippo Tassara - Osvaldo Braga with number 69. The car is equipped with a large Weber carburettor. The crew is ranked 38th overall. On March 26th 1938, another race for the 6C 1500, the prestigious Volante d'Argento. Driver is Gigi Villoresi who after 288 km wins the special category Fiat 1500. In 1939, the car was sold to Vercelli. The car went to Sardinia in 1953 after two more transfers of ownership,  and was used for rent with driver until 1962, when it was parked in the garage.

The car is in maximum storage conditions. Sardinia's dry climate prevented rust from attacking the bodywork. Inside, everything is as it was originally, and the leather seats are in good condition. The car drove the Mille Miglia in 2018.


The car has Dutch Title Fiva Papers. Other documentation on request.