1951 Aston Martin DB2 Team Car

General Information

Brand: Aston Martin
Type: DB2
Mileage: -
Price: On request
Mille Miglia Eligible: Yes


In 1947, David Brown bought the Aston Martin and Lagonda companies. He incorporated them as Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.

The DB2 debuted at the New York Auto Show in April 1950. It continued in production until 1953. Only 411 examples had been made.

Car description

This 1951 Works car was 200kg lighter than the 1950 examples. This was achieved by stripping out any unnecessary trim from the interior, the use on 18 gauge alloy for the bodies (instead of 16), plexiglas side and rear windows and drilling the chassis.

The cars with number plates XMC76 (LML/50/50) and XMC77 (LML/50/55) were entered in predominantly the same events as the previous year. At Silverstone, #76 came 6th overall and 1st in class, #77 retired. At Le Mans, #76 was 7th overall and 3rd in class, bettered by #77 which was 5th overall and 2nd in class. The 1951 team cars continued to be raced by the factory during 1952 and 1953.

Despite their age (all are over 60 years old) and immense value, all five DB2 team cars are still being actively raced even today at AMOC and other classic events worldwide.


On request.